Tips for Cooking with CBD Oil

by Nova Team
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Tips for Cooking with CBD Oil

The popularity of CBD is growing by the day. Many people are experimenting with different methods of adding it to their daily lives. There are, of course, the traditional methods such as tinctures, vaporizers, lotions or even just a spoonful of oil. One method that’s getting more attention lately, however, has been using CBD while cooking and adding it to your meals. While it’s certainly an option to just pour some of the oil over whatever you’re making, here are a few general ideas and tips to making the process more fun and more delicious.


  1. Understand CBD oil’s flavor. CBD, on its own, is quite bitter. The level of bitterness can vary greatly depending on how refined the oil is. Refined oil has been filtered. How many times the oil was filtered will affect the flavor. If you want to avoid that bitterness, it’s best to go with heavily filtered CBD oil. That isn’t to say that unrefined oil is unusable. Less refined oil can pair extremely well with stronger flavors such as chocolate and spices, so keep that in mind as you prepare your dish.

  2. Pair the oil with your method of cooking. Heating CBD oil can actually increase its effectiveness, but only to a certain extent. If you cook it at too high a temperature, the heat will kill some of the active ingredients and the oil will begin to evaporate (at temperatures higher than three hundred and twenty to three hundred and fifty six degrees fahrenheit). Cooking it at too high a temperature and exposing it to open air, like on a skillet or stovetop, can also release a less than pleasant smell. For this reason, make sure your CBD oil isn’t in contact with direct heat is very wise when cooking.

  3. Add to desserts that are high in fat. Many people have found that adding CBD oil to meals or desserts that contain a lot of fat or oil help to blend the flavor in with whatever you are making. For example, if you’re making chocolate chip cookies, swap out some of the oil required by the recipe for CBD oil. This will keep the cookies tasting good, as the butter, sugar and chocolate will mask the oil’s more herbal flavors.

  4. Keep an eye on the dosage. When you first add CBD to your food, it can be easy to accidentally add a bit too much and end up with worse flavor, wasted oil, or more effect than you bargained for. It is important to remember that CBD is non-toxic and can’t harm you, but it can cause light headedness if taken in high dosages. Start  small and work in more CBD as you remake the recipe, experimenting to find the perfect amount.

  • CBD can be a great addition to any meal as long as you keep the above tips in mind. With a little practice, you can cook up some great dishes and get the benefits of CBD oil all in one sitting!

    by Nova Team


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