How CBD is Made

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How CBD is Made

What is the actual process of creating CBD oil? This is a question many have asked as they begin to integrate the substance into their day to day lives. As one might expect, it’s a more complicated process than most think. It is also important to note that it takes trained professionals to make a quality product, through harvesting the best plants, putting it through the highest quality processing and finally testing the product to be certain of its quality.

First and foremost, to make good CBD, you need good plants to extract it from. CBD can be extracted from either the marijuana plant or, much more commonly, hemp. This distinction is important both for legal and for manufacturing reasons. When CBD is extracted from marijuana, shipping it as a product becomes more difficult because it’s hard to guarantee that the oil doesn’t have too high of a concentration of THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid that is still illegal in many states. When extracting CBD from hemp, this becomes significantly less of an issue as hemp has extremely low concentrations of THC. Thus, if you want the best CBD, it’s wise to harvest it from hemp.

After you have the plant required, the processing phase can begin. The plant is thoroughly dried and milled, grinding it to a powder form. Once it is in this raw form, it is most commonly placed into a solution to begin extracting the cannabinoid. This separated CBD can then be filtered to separate the last of the plant solids and create the purest oil possible. The following processes include numerous distillations to both smooth the oil and remove any remaining traces of THC. While hemp is extremely low in THC content, it is still necessary to get the last remnants out to make sure the product is both more effective and absolutely legal.

Finally, perhaps the most important aspect of manufacturing CBD oil, the testing stage can begin. All reputable manufacturers of CBD have their product tested by a third party lab to make certain their product is the best it can be. This process includes testing to ensure the levels of cannabinoids, terpenes, essential fatty acids and phytonutrients are correct. This confirms the compounds potency and quality once and for all. On the consumer level, this is a guarantee of quality that any shopper should watch for.

The process for making CBD oil is not an easy one. Making certain you have the best quality hemp that can be refined and turned into oil worth consuming is what separates a professional manufacturer from a scam. Next time you are shopping for your tincture of oil, make sure to find out who is manufacturing it. It could change your life!


by Nova Team


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