CBD and Sleep

by Josh de Beer
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CBD and Sleep

Despite its necessity to our health, sleep can oftentimes be terribly difficult to get enough of. This is doubly true for the over sixty million Americans that deal with insomnia or some other sleep disorder. Traditional treatments for sleep disorders often involve drugs that can be both dangerous, and eventually lose their effectiveness over time. For this reason, scientists have been searching for a better option for a very long time. In recent years, that solution may have been found with the introduction of CBD as a treatment option.

Before discussing how CBD can help get a better night’s rest, it is important to understand how sleep works and how it can be interrupted. Put as simply as possible, sleep is time for the brain to recharge and maintain the neural pathways needed for conscious thought. Without enough sleep, the brain weakens and we are unable to think as clearly. Go long enough without sleep and you can actually die. This is why insomnia is as big a deal as it is. Insomnia is a disorder which makes it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep even once you are. The most common cause of insomnia is stress but it can stem from a number of other mental disorders as well. On the biological level, insomnia affects people in a particular way. When trying to fall asleep, someone suffering from insomnia enters a state known as hyperarousal. This essentially puts the mind into fight or flight mode and this elevated state of alertness makes it difficult to sleep.

Now, the question stands, how does CBD help combat this difficulty? First and foremost, CBD can naturally reduce stress by reducing anxiety and physical pain that often are the root of said stress. When CBD interacts with the body it relieves tension in the muscles and dulls pain at the source. For those dealing with chronic pain that keeps them from falling asleep, this can be life changing. CBD has also been found to regulate the neurotransmitters within the brain and allow them to normalize. At its source, anxiety is often an imbalance of those neurotransmitters and leveling them out can ease the mind and allow it to rest easier. Taking a slightly larger or stronger dose of CBD right before bed can achieve both of these effects.

There are also several potential benefits that scientists are currently testing further. The biggest one of these is the possibility that CBD could actually increase melatonin levels within the brain. Melatonin is a hormone that corresponds with the body’s circadian rhythm, more commonly known as the internal clock. Levels of melatonin elevate within the brain late in the day when the sun is setting and is one of the primary sources of the “tired” feeling we associate with sleep. More melatonin means an easier time falling asleep.

While there is still an abundance more research to be done, CBD is on the fast track to being one of the most effective sleep aids out there. The added bonus that it is completely safe no matter how much you take is extremely important as well. Traditional sleep aid medication can cause things as severe as memory issues and full blown hallucinations so an alternative was in dire need. Now you know what you need to make your next night’s sleep even better!

by Josh de Beer


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