CBD and Skin

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CBD and Skin

One of the lesser known benefits of CBD is its effects on your skin itself. When most people talk about CBD products, they are talking about ingesting it for its pain relieving or relaxing effects. Those aren’t the compound's only benefits though. CBD balms and ointments can help with things ranging from treating acne and eczema to helping with anti-aging.

CBD is the non-psychoactive compound within the cannabis plant that, in recent years, has been gaining popularity among natural health circles. Its pain relieving properties garner the most attention, but more recently it has become more common to also use the compound for skin treatment. This is primarily achieved through CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties. Under ideal circumstances, inflammation can be a good thing. It is the body’s way of expediting the healing process. That is far from the case for every condition, however. For example, those who suffer from acne may have a solution in CBD. Acne is primarily an inflammatory condition so reducing the swelling and redness is step one. There have also been studies that indicated that CBD reduces the production of oil in the skin, which would also alleviate some of the more intense symptoms of acne. The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD can also be used to local pain relief in joints and physical injuries as well. This can be extremely helpful to everyone from athletes recovering from injuries, to those playing to hard and walking away with a scrape or bump. All one has to do is rub some CBD balm on the skin and feel the effects.  

Another lesser-known property of CBD that may help in general skin care is the antioxidants present in the compound. Antioxidants help fight free radicals which are unstable cells created through the body’s use of oxygen and are one of the primary causes of visible aging when it comes to skin. CBD is abundant in antioxidants so it can help slow, and in some cases, reverse things like the formation of wrinkles and dullness to the skin. This can be beneficial to anyone aiming to look younger and take good care of their skin. 

Outside of more specific benefits in terms of conditions, CBD balms and lotions can improve the overall wellness of skin through simple moisturizing and reduction of swelling. With CBD’s availability growing day by day, options to improve your skin’s health improve as well.

by Nova Team


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