CBD and Senior Citizens

by Nova Team
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CBD and Senior Citizens

Growing old is something few look forward to. It can be a frightening process as our bodies that once worked without fail begin to break down and have more issues that we anticipated when we were younger. To mitigate these issues, many point to proper diet and exercise, but even keeping yourself in peak health can keep things running smoothly for so long. The simple act of exercise at an advanced age can be a risk to your health on its own; risking falling or twisting the wrong joint. Once these problems set in, it is often difficult to shake them, which leads to a dependency on medication and a more sedentary life. These two major issues now have an answer though: CBD. CBD may be the next great health craze for people of all ages, but for senior citizens, it might be a fantastic aid for a number of issues most of us face as the years set in. 

Understanding how CBD affects the body is the first step in answering how it can be beneficial to seniors. CBD is the non-psychoactive component of the marijuana plant. What that means is you get the same mythical pain relief and relaxation of marijuana without the mental high. It does this by working with our body’s built in endocannabinoid system to regulate things like inflammation and the neurotransmitter levels within our brain’s. 

Now, how does this translate to benefits I hear you ask? First and foremost, getting old can be painful. Over time, the body begins to break down simple by the passage of time and the common symptom of this is joint pain. Chronic pains affect around 80% of senior citizens in the US alone and living with chronic pain can be a huge detriment to life. CBD reduced the swelling around painful joints as well as targets nerves to reduce pain at the source. Even better, it has no side effects like the powerful pharmaceuticals that are commonly the solution to a problem like this. 

Another large way in which CBD can help the older members of the population is by promoting the natural, healthy functions of the body. Most directly, it has been found the CBD can strengthen bones and promote healing. CBD has also been shown to promote a healthy sleep cycle. Many older people are plagued by insomnia as often time sleep patterns change as you grow older. This can lead to poor rest and if you aren’t getting enough rest, your body won’t function at its best. As with pain, many turn to powerful medications to combat this issue, not realizing that those medications often cause their own host of problems like liver and kidney damage. 

CBD is a fantastic addition to the lives of people of all ages, but the benefits it holds for the elderly are nothing short of incredible. With a healthy lifestyle supplemented by CBD, growing old may no longer hold the fears of getting weaker or losing control. Future studies will allow more information to come to light, and until then the future is looking brighter with CBD in it. 

by Nova Team


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