CBD and Insomnia

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CBD and Insomnia

Trouble sleeping can be one of the most chronic and frustrating conditions to deal with. It can leave you irritable and unable to perform basic tasks. Insomnia may not have a sure-fire cure, but studies have found CBD products can greatly improve the sleeping patterns of those suffering from it. Understanding how CBD someone sleep better is the first step toward a more active lifestyle.

First and foremost, it is important to understand what insomnia is. Insomnia is classified as a sleep disorder in which someone has difficulty falling asleep and/or staying asleep throughout the night. This classification can be broken down further into two categories known as primary and secondary insomnia. Primary insomnia is described as difficulties with sleep without any outside, extenuating factors. Secondary insomnia is difficulties sleeping due to an outside factor such as heartburn, asthma, depression/anxiety, chronic stress, allergies, substance abuse, and more. Insomnia also isn’t something that necessarily always has to be causing one issue to be classified. Chronic insomnia is something that doesn’t ever seem to go away, but many people suffer from one form of insomnia or another at some point in their lives.

The ways in which CBD can help curb these problems are multifaceted. The most obvious answer is that CBD is a relaxant. Taking the compound on a regular basis will relax your body and often times be all it takes to allow someone to drift off to sleep. Many who suffer from secondary insomnia suffer because of chronic pain like arthritis or nerve pain. CBD also works as a pain reliever so if you are suffering from secondary insomnia and chronic pain is what is keeping you up, CBD may be a good solution to turn to. This can also be beneficial as a good night's sleep can help the body heal. If what is causing your chronic pain is an injury of some sort, CBD can help curb the pain as well as allow your body to begin to heal with better sleep.

One of the more common forms of secondary insomnia also comes in the form of people with depression, anxiety, and panic disorders. These conditions all can negatively affect sleep. CBD has been found to be a great way to reduce anxiety and the symptoms of that disorder and so adding it to your everyday life can not only improve your mood but allow for better sleep as well.

It is always wise to consult a doctor when considering adding a new supplement to your health regimen, but if you suffer from insomnia and are looking for a solution, CBD may be capable to provide a good solution. From its ability to relax the mind and alleviate the pains of numerous disorders, CBD can help get a better night sleep in a multitude of ways.

by Nova Team


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