CBD and Gut Health

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CBD and Gut Health

It was widely believed in ancient times that the health of the whole body could be traced back to the gut. The state of whatever illness affected a person was attributed to the humors of the stomach and the state of ones blood. As medical science improved, we have both found this to be slightly false, but not as false as we may have once believed. The bacteria present in your digestive tract is showing itself to be surprisingly important to the health of the rest of the body. There are a number of things one can do to maintain their gut health, and one of the best additions scientists have found in recent years is the compound CBD.

To understand how CBD helps in maintaining gut health, one must first understand how the gut operates. Within the body lives trillions of microorganisms that make up an essential facet of health called the microbiome. The organisms of the microbiome are responsible for stimulating the immune system, breaking down toxic compounds and food that enter the digestive tract, and synthesize specific vitamins and amino acids like vitamin K and B vitamins. Maintaining the health of the microbiome is also important for the brain’s health as the microbiome is responsible for releasing certain neurotransmitters that affect the mood in particular ways.

The ways in which CBD can help maintain your gut health are surprisingly numerous thankfully. When CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, your body’s built in system to manage cannabinoids, it moves throughout the body and creates with several important reactions. These include reducing swelling, regulating neurotransmitter levels, and relaxing muscles. These effects greatly impact the status of the gut in beneficial ways. Most digestive disorders can be traced back to the issue of over-swelling. These disorders include inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and even have connections to obesity. With CBD reducing swelling throughout the body, these syndromes can get the elusive treatment they need.

Another more specific way CBD can help with gut health is for those who suffer from issues with “leaky gut.” Leaky gut is the issue that some suffer from where the cells between the gut and the bloodstream are more permeable than they should be. This can lead to a number of problems but the most common are chronic fatigue and multiple sclerosis. In more recent research, CBD has been found to aid in decreasing the permeability of the cell walls and restore a healthy membrane.

For many who suffer from digestion and general gut issues, that only options for a very long time have been powerful pharmaceuticals. Taken over a long period of time, those can be terribly damaging to the liver and kidneys, inadvertently weakening the overall health of the gut and aggravating what they are being taken to stop. CBD provides a healthy solution that can not only help with specific gut disorders like IBS and obesity, but can improve overall health.

by Nova Team


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