Animal Anxiety Remedies

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Animal Anxiety Remedies

Happy Birthday America! It’s been 243 years since this great nation came into existence and that means it’s time to celebrate! Everyone finds different ways to commemorate the 4th of July, but the most common practice of all is fireworks. Few things could be considered more American than causing explosions to celebrate the birth of our nation. While this may be fun for us humans, our furry companions, more often than not, don’t like the loud noises or bright flashes. So, with the 4th fast approaching, how can you make the experience just as fun for your canine companion as you can for yourself? 

There are a few different methods to help your dog out during the festivities, and the most obvious is to take them somewhere where the noise and light won’t bother them. This can include a friend who isn’t celebrating or possibly a doggy daycare of some sort. Unfortunately, for most, this isn’t an option. So, if you do have your pup at the celebrations, what are the options to make it its best for them? 

Keeping them in a relatively neutral location is the best place to start. If you have a travel kennel or crate, somewhere they feel at home, it will help keep them calm during the noisier part of the festivities. Helping them become accustomed to the noise of fireworks can also be extremely beneficial. This can be achieved by playing the sounds of fireworks in the days leading up to the 4th as this will allow them to get used to the sound and not be as afraid when the real things start going off. Staying near them and keeping them calm is also extremely helpful. Your presence is comforting to them, so not leaving them alone is a must. 

Now, if you know your dog is more prone to anxiety, as many rescues tend to be, you might need something a bit more significant. The best method if you are looking into this is to use a type of sedative. Most pet parents shy away from this method for the fact that powerful drugs of any sort can be damaging to an animal like a dog, but thankfully there are much better and more natural options these days. 

The best one would be CBD based dog treats. CBD is the non-psychoactive component of the hemp plant and thus has all of its calming effects without any changes to your mental state. It has been found to reduce anxiety in dogs and allow them to relax. This can be extra helpful if your dog is on the older side as CBD also helps with joint pain so if they are anxious for reasons that fall outside of the celebrating. 

It is important to remember these methods as the 4th grows closer. What makes for a fun celebration for us, can be a nightmare for our furry friends. Always keep them in mind when planning the party! 

by Nova Team


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